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Full Path Disclosure on Nexmo #CC91_15

Validby dsopas Sensitive Data Exposure


Path disclosure security issues enable a malicious user to see the path of the webroot/file: eg: /home/www/etc/public_html.
Combined with other vulnerabilities - like SQL Injection or File Inclusion - a malicious user could use the full path to get the file he wishes to attack.

The problem is located under Wordpress plugin Wordpress Popular Posts on file wordpress-popular-posts.php


Just request the url:

The invalid token will return an error with the full path disclosure:

Notice: Undefined index: token in /home/www/www/nx-wp/wp-content/plugins/wordpress-popular-posts/wordpress-popular-posts.php on line 1248
WPP: Oops, invalid request!


In my opinion it's a low vulnerability because it needs another vulnerability to achieve higher goals.

Suggested fix

Just create a filter on the PHP file to not show the PHP Notice or insert it on php.ini. Error, warnings and notices from the server could always be used to find something. Hope it helps.



Tools used

Brain and Google Inspector

HTTP Request

Lovely people pushed

define('WP_DEBUG', true);

to live. Won't add anything but thanks for spotting this! :)

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No worries. Thanks!

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